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The Apothecarian and Land Steward: Dana Eudy

The Pilates Teacher and Dancer: Alyson Mattoon

The Dancer: Katie Malia

Adolescent Medicine Clinician-Scientist: Maria Trent

The Poet: Topacio Althaus

The Painter (and accidental muralist): Kim West

The Farm to Table Family Founder: Patricia Wong

The Designer: Laurel Consuelo Broughton

The Flight Nurse: Shara Griffis

The Supermom: Lauren Bayne

The Designer & Photographer: Ingrid Weir

The Candy Maker: Liz Gutman

The Artist and Typographer: LindA Zacks

The Artist: Esther Teichmann

The Architect: Teri Tsang

The Art Director: Gail Bichler

The Shop Owner: Michelle Varian

The Filmmaker: Amy Jacobowitz

The Bartender: Vanessa Proctor Wall

The Attorney and Rockstar: Gina Spiteri

The Autopsy Technician: Shana Milburn

The Ice Cream Maker: Geri Czako

The Pambassador: Ashley Robertson

The Kettlebell Instructor: Marni Cabaysa

The Actor: Nitya Vidyasagar

The Ballerina: Wendy Whelan

The Ecofeminist: Annie Goeke

The Friend: Chrissy Borgatta Liuzzi

The Fashion Features Editor: Rajni Jacques

The Curator: Clara Drummond

The Creative Entrepreneur: Alison Williams

The Comic Book Artist: Ming Doyle

The Chef: Mary Redding

The Ceramist: Melissa Chow

The Breast Surgical Oncologist: Helen Mabry

The Blogcomic: Amber Dusick

The Bike Messenger: Heather Loop

The Documentary Film Maker: Jenny Abel

The Sculptor: Tina O’Connell

The Homicide Detective: Leigh Maroni

Hustler of Culture: Souris Hong-Porretta

The Illustrator: Sophie Toulouse

The Jewelry Designer: Jamie Wolf

The LA Derby Doll: Killo Kitty

The Muse: Molly Dowd

The Media Maestro: Linlee Allen

The Painter: Clare Woods

The Performer: Holly Rothschild

The Photographer: Alexandra Klever

The Photographer: Marina Weigl

The Photographer: Sophia Vourdoukis

The Psychotherapist: Judy Zexter

The Puppet Film Maker: Genevieve Anderson

The Radio City Rockette: Mary Cavett

The Radio Reporter: Zoe Chace

The Renaissance Woman: Mindy Blackwell

The Shoe Designer: Becca Moon

The Stylist: Birgitte Mann

The Stylist: Anna Herrington

The Stylist: Faith Cromas

The Stylist: Vanessa Chow

The Supermom: Wendy Brown

The Supermom: Julie Dolson

The Teacher: Jamie Yoon

The Teacher: Megan Meyer

The Teacher: Lisa Whelan

The Underwater Videographer: Becky Kagan

The Visual Artist: Nicole Hill

The Supermom: Casey Mooney