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I’m beyond honored to have a little doodle in Souris Hong’s new coloring book Outside the Lines, Too!!


8 years ago

Alyson Mattoon The Dancer and Pilates Teacher now up on GC!


8 years ago

“Ford Ranch” by Albert Moya – NOWNESS from NOWNESS on Vimeo.

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Now up on GC!

9 years ago

Beautifully playful accessories by Laurel Consuelo who shares her images and story on GC. Thank you Laurel!!


lc spoons

lc real hero

lc food


  how to buy a domain name from someone

9 years ago

Another lady who inspires me to do better!


9 years ago


One of my favorite GC features is about New York City Ballet principal, Wendy Whelan.

I think I contacted her via facebook asking if she would participate in my newborn blog project about women and what they do. I was stunned when she graciously agreed to partake. Not only was I over the moon to collaborate with her, but surprised to hear back from someone as talented, accomplished and famous as Wendy.

So, what’s she up to now? After 29 years with the NYC ballet, Wendy has decided to mix things up a bit by going contemporary (read the full New York Times article here). Yep, she continues to amaze and inspire by going for it!

Now, if only I lived on the east coast to see it all happen live…

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More by Jeremy here.

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