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Release 07/28/2015

Declaration Shop 23.06.2015






Batman: Arkham Knight combines Arkham’s award-winning trilogy

Rocksteady Studios with its epic conclusion. Developed specifically for

Gen-new platform, Batman: Arkham knight pointing to Rocksteady

The uniquely designed Batmobile version. Long awaited

Add this legendary vehicle that includes in the famous game

Arkhamserye games, offering players a complete head

BatmanCheated by the experience, because across the street and soar

The whole panorama of Gotham City. In the final of the explosive,

Batman is facing a real threat to people he is sworn

Protection, panic returned to join the criminals Gotham Super

And destroy Batman Forever

Be The Batman – Batman Live Finish the profiadywyll knight

The final chapter of Rocksteady Arkham trilogy. Players

MagigingGreatest Detective on Earth usually with

Batmobil Gift CertificatesAnd feature enhancements

Such as Battle FreeFlow, Stealth, Forensics and Navigation

Introduction Batmobil – Batmobil comes alive

A completely new and original design that incorporates a unique visual appea

France and a whole range of technologically advanced gadgets on board. Cynllunioi be

Fully to ride the world and can change the game

High-speed means chase gradelabanan military approach, it

The legendary vehicle is in the heart of the game plan and allow you to

Players toShred with unbelievable speed through the streets in search

The most dangerous black characters in Gotham City

Epic Conclusion to Rocksteady at Arkham Trilogy – Batman: Arkham

The knight brings a total war against Gotham City. Hit-and-redegysgarmesoedd from

Batman: Arkham Asylum, coming to a destructive conspiracy

To the detainees at Batman: Arkham City, which eventually reached the highest level

Showdown for future Gotham. The fate of fate, Scarecrow

The city is in play when it connects Arkhamrycerz,

quiteNew and original character in the Batman Universe as well

So huge variability of the villainous villains of others, including Harley Quinn,

Penguin, Two-Faced Riddler


Burn or mount an image

Installation of the game




The game will be updated with the latest patches and all DLCs

It means changing the language, choosing between “English”,

“French”, “German”, “Italian”, “Spanish”, “Russia”, “Brazil

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