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Adobe Acrobat Pro DC	 2015

There are several options for reading and editing PDF documents today, but Adobe Acrobat Pro is first. Professional version of the software gives you the power to create, read and modify PDF documents.

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC provides several different views to read documents in PDF, includingmulti-level zoom. More importantly, it allows editing of documents, reviewed, adding stamps, watermarks and signatures, as well as various mengeksportnyauntukformat incluĂ­ndoHTML and PostScript.

You can create a PDF from a variety of sources, including files, scanned documents and Webpages. You can also combine and merge documents, create PDF portfolios, and use different tools to add multimedia, PDF, adds a digital signature, and more.

The main advantage of Adobe Acrobat Pro isIt also supports scanning OCR document. this meansthat you can scan a document on your computer and Adobe Acrobat X will switch to editing tekstthatcan. the accuracy and speed of this feature is attractive and eliminates the need for third-party OCR. One major drawback is Adobe Acrobat Pro DC can be painfully slow at the beginning and the processInstallation is relatively slow.

Adobe Acrobat Pro provides all alatanda really need to manage and edit PDF documents.


Stop retyping information in PDF filesTurn PDF files into Microsoft Office’s native language, saving fonts, formatting, and tons of pictures iUreduvanje textdirectly in your PDF files – Make minor changes to the text and images in PDF pages; No need to follow the shape of the original building and faster to collect data – Drag and dropuntuk create PDF forms or web within minutes. After moving to facilitate distribution,collection and analysis.

Sharing documents and if it is safe – never been easier to save your work as PDF that anyone can open Evista

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