10 years ago

Have you seen Ethel? It’s Rory Kennedy’s latest documentary about her mother, Ethel Kennedy. I knew very little about Ethel before the documentary, but now she is my hero. Ethel inspires in many ways, but mostly because she had eleven children over the course of seventeen years!! Her reproductive system must be made of steel, and some sort of stretchy elasticy type of tissue that doesn’t lose shape, and no mention of postpartum depression… I guess there is no time for depression with eleven kids and a gigantic extended family running around.

Anyway, one of my favorite discussions in the film is about the animals that lived on Ethel and Bobby’s property. I’ve always dreamed of having enough land where farm animals could graze and gallop about. Hearing Ethel and the Kennedy kids describe their childhood on Hickory Hill reminded me of a magical story I came across on The Selby. It’s about designer, Dorothee Schumacher, and her dreamy home in Mannheim where she is surrounded by adorable animals. And I couldn’t resist including a couple images of her closet… which is most likely off limits to the critters…

Photos by Todd Selby.

And don’t forget to watch Ethel. It’s truly an empowering history and life lesson about an amazing woman and her family.