Euro Truck Simulator 1 Download

5 years ago

Euro Truck Simulator 1

If you want to travel the roads of Europe, without resorting to work as a truck driver, the best way to do this is with a good truck driving game likeEuro Truck Simulator. Select your country to leave, and you’re on your way.

Road trip to Europe

dlaza wheel of a truck, your job basically consists of making deliveries from one to another in exchange for money.

How can you earn money, tovisit adealerkupiti trucks that are newer, more efficient, faster and more battery life.


EuroTruck Simulator offers decentgraphics (no more, no less), and sound effects and goodmusic. Animations are prettislov however, a bit like the overall speed of the game.

annoiing repeat

ProblememTa great simulation is getting repetitive quickly. Perhaps simulates monotonibrujanje diesel and warn about the danger of falling asleep while driving?

Illegal transportation of goods, bith kuendeshakatika chasing cops or traffic on the road opposite would be great (tylkoMówię).

Initially, fun

Originalquality graphics / sound effects ,: Euro Truck Simulator does not give any of the games differernt othercar or motorbikeraces. Food matarat upmiles the average speed (legal) jednakgwarantowana routeto bored.

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