The Parallel Lives of two Little Houses

9 years ago


Pa. Just look at him. So hot. I often think of the Ingalls throughout my daily life.

For example, we have a hole forming in our garden. I worry that our kids, and pugs, will fall through the hole and get stuck deep into the earth as our neighbors gather with torches, lanterns and shovels to dig them out.

Another example, my girlfriend recently had a gnarly staph infection that almost ate off her finger. My first thought, that happened to Ma!! I have the text to prove I was more concerned about sharing Ma’s version than comforting my ailing friend. Anyway, a scratch on Ma’s leg turned into a motha of an infection (of course Pa was gone. Something bad always happens when Pa is out of town). The bible told Ma to amputate her leg, so she sliced open the wound saving her own life! She’s amazing.

Last example (even though I could go on for days). I’m ready for a third pug. We like to get our pugs from breeders, but I know we should really rescue one that needs a good home (you know where this is going, don’t you?). I worry, however, that the wild, angry, rabid parents of the rescue pug will come looking for their offspring and attack our family.

Just like on Little House on the Prairie