The Photographer: Alexandra Klever

January 8, 2012

Alexandra Klever is someone who has been inspiring me ever since we worked together several years back on a photoshoot. I was producing a project with kids and she was taking their pictures. Not exactly an easy assignment, but Alexandra made it seem effortless with the magic inducing connections she makes with her subjects. Watching her in action was moving. Her passion for what she does fills the room with sunshine and enthusiasm which makes for one of the happiest sets I’ve had the pleasure of working …


And her photos are stunning… just look at them! The radiant glow you see in her pictures are a true reflection of the talent that is Alexandra Klever.

where are you from?
oldenburg, a small german town about 2 hours drive from hamburg, where i live now.

what do you do?
i am a photographer specializing in people photography. i do like to work with all ages, but i really enjoy working with kids and babies, too. since a lot of other photographers seem NOT to like working with these young ones, i do get quite a nice load of work here. my clients are usually advertising agencies from all over the world. for instance, this year i have traveled to france, finland, spain and argentina for different campaign shoots. i also work for editorial clients and do quite a lot of personal projects, too.

what did you want to be when you were a kid?
ever since i adopted a small cat at the age of three, i wanted to be a veterinarian. only much later i realized that i am more happy around healthy animals than sick ones.

what inspires you?
almost everything that’s to do with people and their ways of communicating in one way or another. could be a scene on the parking lot of a supermarket to a work of art in a museum. also, at the moment, i love browsing through the elaborate book: ‘pictures’ by fashion photographer tim walker.

you are giving your all time favorite artist a piece of your work. who will it be and what will you give?
one contemporary artist who intrigues me is belgian painter michael borremans. i would give him the attached portrait of my series: ‘mixed emotions’, showing kids in various stages of unhappiness. it would be really interesting to talk to him about the many aspects of portrait painting/photography.

what is your favorite piece of art that you own?
hmm-maybe the tim burton drawing with a personal dedication that a friend of mine asked him to draw for me (‘creativity is a wonderful thing to waste’).

where do you find art for your personal collection?
small antique and bric a brac shops around the city. and i always go to flea markets wherever i travel-three weeks ago i spent most of my sunday on the amazing ‘san telmo’ market in buenos aires.

what is your most delicious creation in the kitchen?
probably my vegetable quiche and my walnut brownies are delicious, too.

where can we see your work?
on my website or one of my agent’s sites (, and

what do you collect?
i don’t really collect anything (except maybe beautiful ideas), but i sometimes find animals i like. i have a ceramic  bird and an old rocking horse. most recently i bought a brass deer, so there is a small animal collection in my apartment…

all photos by alexandra klever