The Blogcomic: Amber Dusick

January 21, 2012

I’m kind of obsessed with this blog: Parenting. Illustrated with Crappy Pictures. Actually, I’m more obsessed with Amber Dusick, the creator. We could be best friends. Except she doesn’t really know who I am. But we have very similar family experiences which, come to find, we share with oodles of other women and their families.

Amber has united parents, near and far, with her hilarious illustrations about life with little kids. I have cried, (nearly peed) reading this blog…


I have enormous respect and admiration for Amber not only because she’s smart, funny, talented and a great mom, but because she juggles A LOT and still has time to draw crappy pictures! 

where are you from?
As of this year, I’ve lived in Los Angeles longer than anywhere else. But that doesn’t really count. My formative years were in a small midwest town where I nearly died. Of boredom.

what did you want to be when you were a kid?
An artist. Always an artist. Before marriage, my initials were A.R.T., so I believed it was fate. This belief continued until college when I realized I’d have to actually get a job and make money.  I read “What Color Is Your Parachute” by Richard N. Bolles which was the ultimate in job-hunting books.  I hated that book. It made me admit things about myself. Things like all really wanted to do was raise children and do art in my free time.  So I suppressed that as deep as possible and got real jobs and started a career and all that unhappy stuff.

what do you do now?
I raise children and do art in my free time. I use the term “art” loosely.  I draw crappy pictures and write a blog: Parenting. Illustrated with Crappy Pictures. In all honesty, I founded a few crafty websites seven years ago which allowed me to quit working for other people. So now I work from home. I also use the term “work” loosely.

what do you love about what you do?

what is the hardest thing about being a mom?

what was life like ten years ago?
Ten years ago I was living in a one bedroom apartment with my now-husband in West Hollywood. We had a container garden on our porch. And the same two cats that we have now.  We also slept about 5-10 more hours per day. We even exercised and ate well!  But back then I had the worst and most stressful job of my life. So it wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies.

i predict crappy pictures will be turned into a movie (and then an empire).  who will play you and your family in the film?
Why can’t I hear the word “empire” without mentally putting “evil” in front?
I’d have to pick Tina Fey. She is hilarious and I could imagine her as the frazzled mom. Plus, two whole people (my husband’s parents) say I look exactly like her and that we have the same mannerisms. Nobody else agrees with this but we’ll just pretend I didn’t tell you that part.  As for my husband, I have no idea. I’d be a terrible casting director.

what will you do with your millions?
I’ll pay off all of our debt and try very hard to keep on living the life we have now.  I’ll also probably be able to buy more than one bra that actually fits so that would be super nice.

which tv family do you most identify with?  the cosbys, the jeffersons, the roseanne conner family or the ingalls?
I’d love to be more like the Ingalls, well except for the part where they almost lose the farm every season and their crops are destroyed and Ma almost has to cut off her leg and stuff. Plus, I don’t think she has much free time to draw crappy pictures. She didn’t even have a blender. But she seemed quite happy so I guess I identify with that.

what are five things you do really well?
1. I can eat an entire pint of ice cream really well.
2. I can talk on the phone and change a diaper really well.
3. I can remember where things are really well.
4. I can read children’s books with funny voices really well.
5. I can be humble really well.

you need a break.  what will you do?  the sky is the limit.
I’d love to go to a tropical island and be served drinks out of coconuts with tiny umbrellas while lounging on the beach.  The tiny umbrellas are the important part. I should just go buy some.

what do you collect?
I’m fickle with my collections. Lately it has been boomerang shaped vintage ashtrays that I hang on the wall. Also 1950s Hazel Atlas dishes in “Candy Stripe” in red. The one and only thing I’ve consistently collected (since I was four) are rocks. They are cheap and they are everywhere. I’ve specialized and now I only collect rocks with holes in them.

Read more about Amber here.
All photos and illustrations are by Amber Dusick.