The Ecofeminist: Annie Goeke

July 7, 2012

There was a young girl who saw herself as a crusade for the good of our world.  There was a young girl who had the courage to create her own journey.  There was a young girl who wanted to create a world of culture and peace.  There was a young girl who allowed her experiences to connect the dots.  There was a young girl who understood that I am connected to you.  There was a young girl named Annie.  And she is doing all of these things today…


what do you do?
I am a consultant/entrepreneur/and executive director for an UN NGO I specialize in providing innovative solutions to challenging development issues and help the realization of green concepts. I have worked for 25 years in a leadership position within the peace, political and environmental movements. Many years of experience in planning, developing, and maintaining programs using sustainable, holistic approaches for social enterprises, policies and community building worldwide.

what did you want to be when you were a kid?
I always wanted to be involved with the UN. I was concerned about the rights of animals, people and the planet. I saw myself as a crusade for the good of our world.

how did you get to where you are today?
Through the courage to create my own journey and let life take me from one place to another. The foundation of my knowledge comes from having the opportunities to experience hands-on different cultures, landscapes and positions in activism. My world of connections is who and what I am about…I connect the dots and bridge concepts ideas and visions together to help create a world of a culture of peace.

what about your job keeps you up at night?
Yes, currently it has been extremely challenging as I am confronting serious financial difficulties at this later stage of my life. I have always been more focused on commitment and dedicating my life of investing years into my non-profit, activism and participation to help enlighten wherever I can! I had hope by now that I would have build some security and been able to fully support myself financially. But due to a number of circumstances – economic crisis and the fact that I am a self made person is proving to be more difficult than ever. So, yes, my career and life’s mission does keep me up at night. And lastly, I am very aware of what is truly happening worldwide and my heart breaks to see such destruction.

what one thing would you give a young person who is in need?
Connections to others who they can become inspired by! An opportunity to become engaged in a positive way.

what is your message to the world?
Positive change comes from understanding our interconnectedness with everything. Changing our relationship with ourselves, each other, our communities and our world both spiritually and physically.

Redefining development – I believe that the empowerment of local communities begins with re-conceptualizing the role and meaning of ‘expert’ in development models. We are bringing development studies back to local communities so that development knowledge and strategies are cultivated locally, and ‘experts’ of sustainable development are formed at the grassroots. This means that the power and authority to manage local development, lies with the local people. When this happens, a whole new world is born – green societies based on green values sprouts….

where have you lived?
USA, England, France, Israel, Malaysia, Kenya, American Samoa and traveled to many countries.

what do you do to relax?
Yoga, hike in nature, swim in the ocean, bike ride, play with my grandson, listen to good music and work in a garden.

what is your other dream job?
Artist/Creative Voice for change/ Poet

what do you collect?
People/Friends, found heart stones, feathers, postcards and id tags from all my important international conferences/congresses/UN events

Please visit Earth Rights Institute to learn more about what Annie and her team are doing.  Read more about what you can do to get involved.

Thank you Amy Jacobowitz for this tremendous hook-up with the ultimate Girl Crush!