The Painter: Clare Woods

January 10, 2012

My favorite sound, besides the sweet squeals of my little boys, is the sound of thunder. Sadly, in LA, we only get the pitiful crackle and thud every once in awhile. Being from the midwest I often remember the still gray-green rolling and rumbling that happens right before a good thunderstorm. There’s nothing like it. For me, it’s hypnotic and takes me to a place of calm and peace.


I hear thunder when I see the work of Clare Woods …

WOODC-00292 004


where are you from?
I was born in Hampshire but I now live in a small market town of Kington on the Herefordshire, Welsh border

what type of art do you create?
Usually large scale abstract paintings.

where do you get most of your inspiration?
The fear I feel every time I watch the news or read a news paper.

do you play music when you create?  if so, what’s on the playlist?
I do listen to music in the studio a lot as it is a huge industrial building with really noise neighbours so I play very loud music most of the time. I am currently listening to John Grant, Queen of Denmark – Depeche Mode, The Singles 81-85 and Pergolesi’s,  Stabat Mater,  usually played in that order listening to all albums twice, by the time I have done this I know it is time to get out of the fumes in the studio.

you’re giving one of your creations to your favorite artist.  what will you give and to whom?
It is really hard to give art to people, at least when people buy your work you know they want it for what ever reason. I have swapped pieces in the past but I just find it embarrassing giving my work to other artists. Mind you if Francis Bacon wanted to swap his tree door painting for something I would get over the embarrassment.

what do you collect?
I have a collection of books about and by Paul Nash but that kind of comes into the big general art book collection so I would say I don’t collect anything but I did get a stuffed deers head for Christmas and I would like something else to go with it, maybe a small victorian dog with a silver collar.

would you encourage your children to follow in your footsteps as a fine artist?
No way never. I would hope they would find a career where hard work, long hours and dedication is quantifiable and rewarded.

how long have you gone without inspiration?
I have never been without inspiration the problem is having enough time to process all the inspiration

what books do you love?
Non Fiction.  Recording Britain – survey books from 1930-40

what’s your favorite piece of jewelry?
My watch, I bought it 15 years ago with the money I was given for my first proper painting sale, I spent the whole lot on a 1972 Rolex Oyster mans watch and I still wear it every day.

what are your favorite shops?
Charity and Antique shops  and TK Maxx – I love the fact you don’t know what your going to find

what is your most delicious kitchen creation?
I personally love a tuna sandwich, white bread, tuna, mayo and something green, I can cook good roasts but I am totally useless at cakes.

which of your pieces and shows make you most proud?
I was very proud to be being included in the Dark Monarch at Tate St Ives and the painting that was exhibited amongst some of my favorite artists was Daddy Witch.  I am currently working on a show for the new Hepworth Museum in Wakefield. The building has been designed by Chipperfield Architects, it is amazing and I am the second show. The works are all large scale… 5 x 6 m and 10 x 3 m. I am also about to complete a very large scale outside wall for the Olympic Park in London which is exciting and very worrying…… we will see.