The Shoe Designer: Becca Moon

December 20, 2011

Oh Becca, how do I love thee?  In a word, or a few; Midge, Cody, Heller, Philo, Caro and more! Your creations, with a t-shirt and cozy pair of jeans, make me a very happy girl. Bless you Becca Moon! …


where are you from?
Los Angeles. I lived in Venice CA for a long time, now I’m in Silverlake/Echo Park.

who is in mind when you design your shoes?
Lowlifes with cash! Just kidding. I have in mind girls and women who like to have style, but don’t have to try too hard. Let me rephrase. I have in mind the woman who knows she looks good without having to worry about scuffing the leather on her shoe, or tearing a hole in her jeans. We all dress up once in a while, for me once in a long while. My designs are for all the times between dressing up. I have worked in the store with my customer for a while now, and I hear their reaction. Everyone has their one or two favorites, and for them those become the “go-to”, timeless staple in their wardrobe. I know I am a small company, but I like that for now. Most of the women who own Becca Moon own multiple pairs. That is the biggest compliment I can receive.

what inspired you to make shoes?
I really loved boots, but all of the ones I was drawn to were absolutely everywhere. I applaud Florentini and Baker, and Frye, but you see one, you’ve seen them all. I wanted to do a boot based collection that changes and evolves. Inspired by men’s shoe silhouettes, but not too masculine, I could see what I wanted in my minds eye, saw them missing in the market, and made them.

what’s a crazy day in the shoe business?
There is no one crazy day, there are several different types of crazy. The less glamorous would be shipping days, hectic crazy. More of a fun crazy would be sales and press days running around New York from appointment to appointment, from store to magazine, telling everyone why my shoes are the shit. My favorite crazy day, however has to be photo shoot day. Models, photographers, lights, lots of pizza and wine.

what shoes are you loving this spring?
I am obsessed with these blue and yellow Arabian slippers I bought at the flea market. They make everything look so exotic.

what pair of shoes have you owned the longest and still wear?
Of mine? The Cody. In general? Old black patent leather chucks.

your all-time favorite style icon is coming over for drinks.  what will you wear, what drinks will you serve and what music will you play?
Does it have to be one person?? If its just one, then it would be Steve McQueen and Jane Birkin’s love child. I would put on The Siren/Poor Boy record. What would I wear?? The ultimate question for a girl. Black stretch leather pants, an old white tea, a greyish blue and white stripe button up from Steven Alan, some chunky necklaces, and the Midge…either color.

what’s your favorite piece of jewelry?
I just bought this chunky, mildly hessian looking nickel crow’s skull necklace. At the moment it is my favorite.

what will you do for much needed becca time?  the sky is the limit.
Get a hair cut!!!  Go on a sailing trip with my boyfriend (pro skater Bob Gnarly) around the South Pacific islands. Maybe pretend we’re pirates, drink rum and eat crab and coconuts.

how did you spend your summers as a kid?
I grew up all over the place, upstate New York, the South East, and Los Angeles. I always lived by the water, so summers were spent at the beach playing and sailing. I remember always being outside, climbing trees, finding turtles. Also, my mom and I would go on road trips up and down the East coast. She always itched for some new experience. The woman still moves every three years and changes the furniture around on a weekly basis. I actually just returned from a road trip with her to a little beach island in the south of North Carolina.

what do you collect?
1970’s French glam 45 records. Vive l’Antoine!! Also, sunglasses, and shoes (surprise)

ice cream or cupcake?
I’m addicted to fudge bars.

what is your most delicious kitchen creation?
Oof. The hardest question of all. Either homemade meatball pasta sauce or my chili.