The Bike Messenger: Heather Loop

January 20, 2012

I think bike messengers should wear capes because they’re like superheros on wheels. I’ve always been impressed by their fearless athletic ability to zip in and out of traffic while dodging moving vehicles, and pedestrians, in order to deliver packages that belong to someone else. Crazy and life threatening, but free!

Which brings me to the latest and greatest; Heather Loop. Who turned out to be so much more than the bike messenger I set-out to find. Not only is she a superhero on wheels, but also a real life free spirit who has mastered the challenge of going for it!  …


where are you from?
las vegas, nv originally but have been living in brooklyn for the last 6 yearsl

what do you do?
i am a bike messenger, bartender, burlesque star, booty bounce queen (dance for big freedia) and seamstress

what were you like as a kid?
hyper, creative, wild, and always wandering off and talking to everyone!

what’s the most bizarre thing that’s happened at work?
i got stuck in the middle of a shoot out once on 9th ave and 13th in nyc while working as a courier

what do you love about your job?
i love all my jobs!
bike messenger-bc i get to ride my bike everywhere
booty bouncer-bc i get to travel with big freedia and be on shows like jimmy kimmel live!
bartender- bc it makes a lot of $$
burlesque- bc i get to creatively strip and tell a story
seamstress-bc who doesn’t like to sew!

what is the scariest thing about your job?
losing it! i don’t ever want to lose any of my jobs, i have so much freedom and get to meet so many awesome people, that losing my job is the scariest thing to me

what are your on the job must haves?
ipod, thats really it

what do you want people to know about what you do?
i love it all! enjoy your life and do as much shit as you can!

what do you do when you’re not working?
watch horror movies or go out dancing

who or what inspires you?
my mom and grandma. magnolia shorty, big freedia, my boyfriend

what are your favorite local spots for food, shop or play?
food- caracus
shop- rainbow
play- going to burlesque shows or to a party where my friends are djing

what do you collect?
chairs, earrings, and lip gloss

Photos and videos provided by Heather Loop.