The Designer & Photographer: Ingrid Weir

June 18, 2013

I was trolling online for garden inspiration when I came across Ingrid Weir and her blog, The Old School Master’s House. Not only did I find garden inspiration, but a gold mine of artful ideas created by the designer raised in Sydney. Beautiful images of nature, home, food, interiors, exteriors, travel, diy, and design tell enchanting stories about Ingrid and her charmed life in Australia.


It seems that everything Ingrid touches becomes a pretty picture you just want to cozy into and stay for awhile. Get ready to become inspired…



where are you from?
Sydney,  Australia.

what do you do?
I am a designer working in television and interiors as well as a photographer. I write a blog, Old School Masters House, about my place in an old Gold Rush town in the Australian countryside.

what did you want to be when you were a kid?
Well when I turned 18 and was unsure about what to do – my Dad gave me a beautiful present; a little book he made with excerpts from his diary from when I was a child. He mentioned that I was always building and making things and asked if I had thought of studying architecture. Something clicked for me, I did enroll in it and it started me on my path.

what life tools did your parents provide that shaped who you are?
A love of reading & the ability to make things by hand.

is there anything you would change about your childhood?
No, I loved it. It was split between an ordinary Australian childhood, a lot of time spent in nature, especially the beach. And then travels round the world to exotic locations, following my father (a film director) when he was on location. A mix I try to get today!

do you have any treasured family traditions?
Hand painting Easter eggs.

what do you love about your job?
I’ve always liked interacting with people on a creative level, that sense of connection when you come up with something together from a character’s costume to a three dimensional space with atmosphere. And yet paradoxically I have loved doing the photography and writing for my blog- having something to work on that is my own.

three tips for making a great room?
I like some timber pieces for warmth and patina.
Layers that reveal personality and interests.
And something hand made.

how would you spend one free week?
Traveling –  in Australia you have to factor in the jet lag – so maybe I would say Japan, visiting some little countryside towns and Tokyo.

what are your favorite go-to design books?
Currently – Derek Jarman’s Garden and Hans Blomquist ‘The Natural Home’.

what are your favorite online inspirations?
The Instagrammers I follow. Browsing through Pinterest.

what do you collect?
Nothing at the moment – but I would like to start collecting glass vases and Turkish rugs!

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Learn more about Ingrid on her website, blog and Instagram: @ingridweir.