The Jewelry Designer: Jamie Wolf

January 14, 2012

Ballet and Jewelry. Two of my favorite things. So naturally I was intrigued by someone who’s had a career in both.

Enter Jamie Wolf. She danced ten years with the New York City Ballet and then decided to work with diamonds, gold and all things that sparkle. Another inspired woman with a dreamy career…

Bunny Picture_1


how did your career in jewelry design begin?
I’ve always loved jewelry — I remember when I was 8 years old I was given my first piece from my parents.
They gave me a beautiful engraved locket when I was cast as the bunny in The Nutcracker. I still love that
piece and the memories attached.
During my time between ballet seasons, I started to design as a hobby.
I completely fell in love with it and after a few years of juggling both careers, decided to transition to design
full time.

where are you from?
New York City

what do you do?
I’m a Jewelry Designer.

what did you want to be when you were a kid?
A Ballerina.

what were doing ten years ago?
Dancing for New York City Ballet.

where do you find design inspiration?
My inspirations are always changing. I start with one shape or idea and evolve the concept in varying
iterations. I want each collection to evolve organically so it feels related, but not match-y or contrived.

what would you do if you learned a conflict diamond made it into one of your pieces?
My production team shares my wholehearted commitment to using conflict free stones. Thankfully
that hasn’t happened!

which of your masterpieces would you have given Elizabeth Taylor to wear?
Definitely the “Diamonds” necklace! It is white gold with 226 diamonds and is named after the ballet
“Diamonds”. The necklace is part of my Signature Collection. Fifty percent of proceeds from this
collection will benefit New York City Ballet’s grassroots fundraising initiative, Turn Out.

who are your design, dance and style icons?
Design: Derek Lam
Dance: Wendy Whelan
Style: I have many — I am always inspired by women who exude confidence, comfort, and individual style!

what do you collect?
Unique home accents – Brenda Houston’s home collection is my favorite! We recently collaborated on a collection of jewelry boxes! Colorful notebooks – I still write everything down! I love coffee table books for home and office. Scarves and chic, easy tees — Enza Costa is the best!


Jamie’s favorites above: easy tees and scarves by Enza Costa. Jewelry box by Jamie Wolf and Brenda Houston.
All photos provided by Jamie Wolf. Feature photo of Jamie by Jessy Hendrickson.