The LA Derby Doll: Killo Kitty

January 13, 2012

It doesn’t get much cooler than being a mom and a Los Angeles Derby Doll, or does it?  Add three daughters who are Jr. Derby Dolls: Hailey (DEVIL OR NOTHING), Elora (BUSTYER BUTT) and Amber (BAMber). Not to mention, a son, Logan, who does his own cool thing. I would say the cool factor of this family is off the charts. And it doesn’t stop here…





where are you from?
Northridge, CA

what do you do?
Office Manager by day…Roller Derby Bully by night.

how did you get into roller derby?
I’ve always been interested in Roller Derby. It combined Roller Skating with Hitting People. I LOVED Roller Skating but I was never a very graceful person, so figure skating would be out, and I don’t have great hand eye coordination, so hockey was out, Roller Derby was the answer to my Dreams. One day, a friend of mine wanted to check out an LA Derby Dolls practice, mainly so she could hit on chicks, she knew that this was something I was interested in, so she let me tag along. Well…after the first practice, she didn’t get anywhere with anyone, but I was HOOKED.

what do you love about being a derby doll?
I love the camaraderie we have with one another. You really do form a sisterly bond with everyone there because we all have a common goal. To Play Great Roller Derby.

would you encourage your kids to follow in your footsteps?
Yes…actually they do play. I helped start the LA Junior Derby Dolls back in 2007. It’s for girls ages 7-17. I have three daughters Devil or Nothing (Hailey, 14), Bustyer Butt (Elora, 13), and BAMber (Amber, 11). I do have a son Logan, 6, he plays baseball and soccer. I encourage all kids to play a team sport…it builds character, teaches you to get along with others, and work together to accomplish a goal.

has your family been supportive of your life choices?
Absolutely. I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish this without the support of my husband, Jeremy, my kids, my sister, Cammie, or my WHOLE family, I am a lucky gal!

what were you like as a kid?
I was pretty headstrong…I was usually like a protector since I was always a bigger kid, I hated when kids would get picked on. It helps me when I play derby now…I’m never afraid to go after someone who is bigger or stronger than me.

what accomplishments make you most proud?
I am most proud of my Junior Derby Girls…I love to coach, and I love watching them kick butt! They have all grown and developed their skills so much since when we first started. It’s really amazing to watch them.

what do you want people to know about roller derby?
Well, if you are a woman who may even be slightly interested…GO FOR IT! You won’t regret it. Derby has taught me so much! Not to mention giving me some of the Bestest Friends a girl could have- LEGacy and P.I.T.A.

you are in need for killo time.  what will you do?  the sky is the limit.
First fly to Australia to check out Derby out there, then off to England for British Derby, then Japan and the Sushi Rollers, then to Hawaii for the Sk808 Derby Tournament, then off to Brazil for more derby…uh I think you get where this is going.

what’s next for killo kitty?
Junior Derby is where it’s at for me. I’ve started a Junior league in the Valley (closer to home) and I want to spread the word and help other leagues to start a Junior League…If we want Roller Derby to stay strong and competitive, the Juniors are our Future.

what do you collect?
Well…um HELLO KITTY SHTUFFS!! I am lucky because most of my collection comes from friends and loved ones…Everyone knows what to buy me.

photos by J. M. IV Photography, Charlie Chu and Bryan Scott.