The Media Maestro: Linlee Allen

January 11, 2012

What can you say about a genuinely nice girl who loves her job, likes to ride her bike and adores her little pup Lucky? That she loves Fellini films and her homeland of Australia? That she connects people and knows how to fill a room with pure happy? That she’s talented, smart and has a passion for life? What can you say about this girl?  I would say she’s pretty fabulous…


where are you from?
i’m originally from adelaide, australia and since 2007 i live in los angeles.

what do you do?
i have a few different occupations they fall under the “multi-tasker” description: i mainly work as a PR / creative consultant for brands but i’m also a writer, a photographer and a culture director for the standard hotels in los angeles.

what were you doing ten years ago?
i was living in paris working as the international PR for colette.

how did your family influence your career path?
my parents both have a mad sense of humor. they encouraged me to leave australia and to explore the world, to never doubt myself and above all to know my worth.

what is your favorite aspect of your career?
i love connecting people and also helping to strengthen an artist or a creative individual’s career / business.

what inspires you?
my dog named lucky, 60s & 70s italian and french cinema, laughing with friends from australia, riding my bike, reading peter schjeldahl articles, listening to aussie music show ‘noise in my head’… every sunday…

where do you look to find good fashion trends?
my wardrobe

what are your favorite shops in your favorite cities in the world?
i like mohawk general store in LA, the neue galerie gift shop in new york, vintage arcades in paris…

you are hosting a dinner party for your all time favorite inspirational icons.  who’s coming over, what will you wear and what will you serve?
orson welles, eleanor roosevelt, david lynch, albert camus, pablo picasso, john cassavetes, anna magnani, keith haring, giulieta masina. i’d probably wear some crazy caftan with flowers in my hair and a swimsuit because there will be cocktails in the pool after dinner. the food would be catered from my favorite place to eat in los angeles: juliano’s raw in santa monica.

what is your dream project?
i’m doing it now: consulting for two hotel properties in terms of their cultural direction and running my own company steering a great stable of brands and helping them to succeed.

you are spending a week in a different era.  which will it be and what is your part?
hands down italy in the early 60s — i’m an extra on a fellini film

what do you collect?
vintage postcards from my travels..see my wall of inspiration

all photos provided by linlee allen.