The Photographer: Marina Weigl

January 7, 2012

As you might have guessed, I am fascinated by artists. All kinds of artists. Their ability to visually express emotions and experiences through imagery and objects is something I find impossible and overwhelming. Overwhelming, that is, when a personal journey is beautifully expressed by an artist like Marina.


In her poetic, dreamy, colorful way, Marina will transport you into a world of adventure and wonder…


where are you from?
i was born and raised in a small, idyllic village near the bavarian forest. i now live in dortmund, germany where i study photography at the master’s program.

what did you want to be when you were a kid?
when i was a kid, i wanted to be the best karate fighter in the world. at the age of 9 i started to learn karate, and trained a lot to be the best, but i placed third at the bavarian mastership. of course, i am also proud of that.

what were your photos like when you first started shooting?
i got my first camera at the age of 8, and the photos i took looked like kids photography; 100 times mom, 1,000 times flowers, 1,000,000 times something indefinable…and always out of focus. this is what has been left over; i love blurred photographs, with a sense of wonder and poetry.

what are your favorite type of assignments?
those were i can do what i like to do.

what is your other dream job?
there are some jobs i would love to do, but i’m either not talented enough or they are daydreams. for example, one of my “daydream” jobs is a secret agent who spies on people. i would use all those really cool gadgets to help clear-up mysterious circumstances…

who are some of your favorite artists?
there are so much great artists out there, i don´t think i can say there is one favorite. they are all inspiring in one way or another. so, these are some great artists who were on my mind first: Taryn Simon, Francis Bacon, Erwin Wurm, Rinko Kawauchi, Sybille Bergemann, Bernard Faucon

who has been your greatest teacher?
there is not one special person. first of all my family, who taught me what real love is. and, not less important, all of my friends; being together, experiencing, exploring, sharing thoughts.

what do you do to let out steam?
discussing or screaming. not necessarily acting like a human being. i also scream at things, like this stupid table that i knock against because it stands right in my way. but if i have to let out steam because of my unhappiness or something like that, i dance alone in my room, closing the window, turning the music as loud as i could and then just dance and jump around and sing (off key), like a little kid. if somebody would ever see this own little party i would die of shame.

what do you hope for 2012?
i just hope for a really great time in my studies, in my job, with my family and friends. at this point i will send out a HAPPY NEW YEAR to everybody and the best wishes for you all!

what do you collect?
actually, i don’t collect anything. but wait…i do collect something in another way you defined collecting in your question: mushrooms. i love going on a mushroom foray. wearing the most horrible clothes, enjoying the smell of the rain, being inspired of the silence, getting lost in the woods, getting so excited finding those small, delicious mushrooms…and then coming home and eat it all up.

Marina Weigl is represented by Bransch.