The Muse: Molly Dowd

January 12, 2012

This is a feature about inspirational women and how they express themselves with their own sense of style.


My friend Molly is smart, funny, stylish, independent, strong, outgoing and beautiful. Oh, and she only has one lung! I love you Molly. Thank you for inspiring me!  xx …



You are babysitting for Brangelina. What will you wear?
Vintage concert tee, Uniqlo Jeans, Vans


It’s opening night at the ballet. What do you wear?
$9.99 dress from Target (i swear the fabric feels nice !) Lanvin shoes


You’re Daniel Craig’s date to the new James Bond movie premiere. What will you wear?
Ebay ’60s dress (inspired by Sharon Stone in Casino – my style icon )


You and I are going out for steak and a movie. What will you wear?
American Apparel skirt & tank platform sandles We Who See ( urban outfitters ..eek)


It’s a freezing and you develop a late night craving for ice cream. What will you wear to the market?
H&M army coat, flea market hat, Garland Jeans, Alexa Chung for Madwell Clogs


You are meeting Obama and family out for dinner. What will you wear?
Marc by Marc Jacobs skirt, Beyond Vintage (co op/barney’s brand)