The Photographer: Sophia Vourdoukis

January 6, 2012


I vividly remember meeting Sophia when she came into my office to present her work.  The second I saw her vintage portfolio case I knew I was in for something special. And then I saw her pictures.


Not only is Sophia a friend of mine, but she is my favorite photographer. I love her images and the stories that only she could tell. I know the heart and soul that goes into her work and I’m moved whenever I see a piece of her passion…


what kind of art do you create?
i’m a photographer that mostly works in landscape and portraits (or a combination of the two). i usually shoot digitally and adjust the images in photoshop. i then have the images printed on whatever medium i feel suits the body of work. the whole process requires a very finely trained eye. every aspect of the photograph from before i click the ‘shutter’ to how the ink will soak into the paper requires an immense amount of thought and diligence.

where are you from?
new york, greece and south africa

what music is playing while you’re creating your art?
i really enjoy music that feels like its being played in a tiny little village somewhere in obscurity with a few people sitting on the steps of their home singing and playing their local instruments. i love how culture plays such a significant role in music. i listen to quite a bit of old greek songs but give me anything spanish or french and although i may not understand the lyrics i will enjoy it immensely … that, and 80s pop.

if you could have any artist over for tea who would be your top three?
Vermeer, a marble sculptor from the Ancient Hellenistic period, and Paula Hayes

where do you shop for art?, brooklyn collective, thrift stores and occasionally the moma and guggenheim gift stores.

what is your favorite piece of art in your home and where did you find it?
i was part of a group exhibit in chicago where i met an artist named anna lambrini moisaides. i fell in love with her stuff and we did an exchange. she transforms paper into the most ethereal beautiful object. i have one of her chimera pieces.

what piece of art, belonging to your significant other, do you dislike the most?
i can’t really say that i dislike any of his artistic pieces. we don’t always share the same aesthetic but i feel that his choices always come from a very interesting place of innocence and deep intellect.

what are your favorite art books or websites?
i love my diane arbus books and my books on egon schiele, odd nerdrum and sally mann.and in all honesty i really love going to the metropolitan museum of art website. I find that there is so much inspiration at the met. if i can’t get over there i will peruse their site. you can always learn something there. to me it never gets old.

if you could own one piece of artwork, no matter the value, what would it be?
just one?! that’s a difficult decision….edward burtynsky? jeff koons? vermeer? el greco? okay i got it…it would have to be an ernesto caivano. when i saw his work up close for the first time it was one of the most unique experiences in art I’ve ever had…oh wait but then there’s anish kapoor…if i had a big fat backyard then definitely him.

what do you collect?
aside from artwork, poetry and books I like collecting toys from 25 cent machines. And notepads. there’s something really satisfying about a clean, unused notepad just waiting to be filled with random thoughts and ideas (yes i do fill them eventually and so it inevitably becomes a collection of used notepads.)