The Illustrator: Sophie Toulouse

January 15, 2012

Sophie Toulouse is one of my all time favorite artists. Every image is a visual treat wrapped in a mythical, dreamy, forthright, French ribbon. J’adore…


where are you from?
i’m from brittany.

how long have you been illustrating and what type of illustrations do you create?
i started illustrating in 2002. commercially,  i started with accessories. then window displays for the galerie lafayette for example, then ads. in parallel i have developped a more personal work that i have exhibited in a few places over the world.

do you ever hate your job and why?
i do when i’m stuck doing crap work that i’m not talented enough to elevate. [and sadly, there is plenty]

what helps you to become inspired?
walking around

in what type of environment do you like to work?  what’s on the playlist?
i’ve been working at home for the past year. and i love it. i listen to france culture  [my favorite radio station, they have philosophy, politic, science shows that i don’t really listen to but still make me feel more intelligent… :]

what projects make you the most proud?
let’s see….i’m working on project right now, the drawer, []/ number01 released in june/
it’s a drawing review with a thematic and lots of contributors [artists, musicians, movie makers, architects…] answering to it via drawings only. it’s extremely exciting to be behind the wheel.

you’ve had a crap day at work and need to let out some steam.  what will you do?
walk, talk and have a drink or two…

you are meeting your all time favorite artist out for drinks.  who will it be and where will you go?
it can be very disappointing to meet your favorite artist this is why i don’t have any.

what books inspire you?
science books

if you could work anywhere in the world for one week, where would it be?
i like to be at home to work

what are your favorite shops?
it used to be grocery stores in foreign countries. but globalization made it less fun.

what is your most delicious creation in the kitchen?
i have this amazing xmas chestnut ‘cake’ but it’s a very tedious recipe.

what are you working on now?
this review i told you about, the drawer, a book for children [albert se barre] and a series of weird animals

what do you collect?
i don’t really have a collection/ i do however still have the stone i stole from my brother’s collection.
i used to be so mad not to be able to create a collection myself. i also have a few drawers with things in it.