The Artist and Typographer: LindA Zacks

April 17, 2013

I need a fun vacation … in Linda’s head … and then I want to move to LindA Island! …



where are you from?
I moved around a lot growing up, but have been in NYC for 15 years – so I consider it my (noisy) home

how long have you been illustrating and what type of illustrations do you create?
I’ve been making things forever – I love mixed media/ using whatever is around
and mixing it together into a layered stew, anything goes

do you ever hate your job and why?
yes… doesn’t everyone hate his/her job because it’s just that…a job!
deadlines and revisions and all the stuff in the cracks that makes your head explode

what helps you to become inspired?
walking the streets and looking at the real world in action/ the hustle-bustle of people scurrying
around getting from point A to point B, weird objects which catch my eye, the colors of construction and decay… just getting away from my apartment/computer and experiencing the scratches & scuff marks of daily Living- forget the museum, walk the streets!

what’s happening around you when you are working?
I work out of my loft, sometimes it’s clean, but usually when I am in the midst of a project it looks like a ink-filled bomb went off– I always say, WITH MESS THERE’S MAGIC/  when a bunch of art supplies and cardboard and paper and bit&pieces of junk and splattered here and there, that’s when you can make unexpected connections and happy accidents and think wildly- WOW I knew I kept that little scrap of scribble-paper for something – when the project is done, then I clean everything up because I can’t stand the mess – and when a new project comes, the cycle starts again – of course, if I had a separate workspace, I would NEVER clean up the mess/  I do listen to music sometimes, NPR sometimes, nothing sometimes, CNN in the background sometimes or The Yankee game!

what projects make you the most proud?
let’s see….  it’s not really the projects that make me proud it’s just sticking with the profession- slogging away at it, reinventing, redesigning, digging in and creating, coming up with ideas, not giving up, the hustle of grabbing and opening doors and making connections- it’s the stuff you don’t see that makes me proud, the mental stamina of the behind-the-scenes of an idea factory which are the nut&bolts of being a creative free agent

you’ve had a crap day at work and need to let out some steam.  what will you do?
exercise! GO to the gym or grab my little furry friend and hit the streets, go to the park, look at the sky and sweat out the toxins of the day…

you are meeting your all time favorite artist out for drinks.  who will it be and where will you go?
I’d meet Willy Wonka for fizzy-lifting-drinks in his chocolate factory – we would discuss inventions and then bump our heads into the ceiling from the fizz and the lift.

what books inspire you?
the ones my mom sends me after she reads them

if you could work anywhere in the world for one week, where would it be?
st. barts – but I’m not sure how much work I would get done, but if I had to guess- NOT MUCH.

what are your favorite shops?
shops that sell cupcakes- particularly black cupcakes with white icing and rainbow sprinkles.
Food stores- edible museums. I love to look in the fruit and veggie section and of course, the flowers. Flower shops! Glass vessels and color blobs! Those weird stores that sell over-priced industrial furniture- rust and wood and metal and decay…yummy!

what is your most delicious creation in the kitchen?
brownie sushi (see picture) I’ve brought my brownie sushi to several parties and it it is always a big hit.  colorballicecreammound (see picture)

what are you working on now?
a giant nyc skyline made entirely out of colorful cardboard scraps to add to my collection of skylines which will, one day, be in a book of skylines by lindA / a black&white inky alphabet book / a collection of large mixed-media letters, each on a separate canvas/ some more books (several ideas dinging around in my skull like a pinball machine on repeat) / a theater poster project / trying to figure out how to get a children’s book I recently made published, which is seemingly, harder than walking on the moon or completing several triathlons in succession

what do you collect?
ink-stained paper towels! I’ve collected a large amounts of paper towels that I use to clean brushes or soak up pools of color or to dry off implements of mass creation to be used for something yummy in the future / letters and things that make letters / pictures of nyc skylines taken from my roof/envelopes from parking tickets – just love that neon orange – if parking tickets are used in artwork, can i write them off on my taxes?

yum workspace5 workspace4 workspace3 workspace2 nightlight-785x398 look-785x398 lindastudio1