The Farm to Table Family Founder: Patricia Wong

May 27, 2014


Three reasons this story inspires me:


1. Patricia. A mother who succeeded at making a new career for herself after having kids.


2. RAMEN! There is nothing like slurping a comforting fresh bowl of ramen, and Patricia shows us how to make it with ease and fun.


3.  An entire cooking channel that shows us, step by step, how to cook real, organic, healthy foods that the whole family will enjoy.



And did I mention RAMEN!?


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where are you from?
From California. But my parents are Taiwanese, so I’m Taiwanese American. My childhood was spent in different parts of Orange County from Mission Viejo to Newport Beach.

what did you want to be when you were a kid?
Indiana Jones

what do you do now?
I am the founder and a producer for Farm to Table Family, a Youtube cooking channel with PBS.

what was it like at the dinner table when you were a kid?
Every night at the dinner table, my grandmother would make her specialty, Chinese minced meat with a salted egg on top. My mother would sometimes make her specialty – pasta, which I LOVED. One time my grandmother was so upset, that she threatened me to marry an Italian! I married a Korean.

what have been some of your career /educational/personal challenges?
Not believing in myself. Not knowing what I wanted to do or become and following others. It wasn’t until I became a Mom that I got the courage to set my own path.

who inspires you?
My mother. She’s overcome so much in her life with my sister and I in tow. She wears a million hats to still this day – mother, wife, grandmother, chef, office manager, etc. She’s not afraid to do anything. She excels in everything she touches. She’s not afraid of hard work and she even does it with a smile. 2. My stepfather for his large heart in always loving us with no strings attached.

if you could cook a meal with any chef, who would it be and what would you make?
I would love to cook a meal with a japanese ramen master. The japanese culture is steeped with rituals and traditions for everything down to making the perfect noodle. I love that there are masters for everything and that there are people that are so passionate about something that they will devote their life and career to perfecting it. Even something as simple as a bowl of noodles. We would absolutely make the perfect ramen.

what are some of your must have kitchen tools?
kitchen shears, nutribullet, chinese steamer, sharp butcher’s knife, automatic pepper grinder

what would you change about your kitchen?
More counter space, more cabinets. I usually don’t like clutter, but with the things in my kitchen, I don’t like to throw anything away!

what do you collect?
Nothing really. How sad!!! Now that I have kids, everything revolves around them. We started collecting magnets for them on our family vacations. It’s on the side of our fridge.


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Thank you for sharing Patricia!