The Stylist: Anna Herrington

December 18, 2011

One of my favorite pieces of jewelry was made by Anna. I’ve been stopped on the street more than once with inquiries regarding her unique sparkling jewelry design. I’m tellin’ ya, nothing makes a girl feel pretty like one of a kind Anna Herrington bling. Oh yeah, and then there’s her day job …


who do you style?
Commercials, Music Videos, Some Celebs…Promo’s for Showtime

where are you from?
Gary, Indiana

what do you collect?
Jewelry (i have my own line), handbags, electronics…

what’s your favorite piece of jewelry?
A beautiful diamond ring that my Grandfather won in a poker game in the 50’s

who’s closet would you raid?
Gwen Stefani

who are you dying to makeover?
Anyone in the Midwest, it’s not that bad, you can look cute and stay warm!!

what are your favorite vintage shops and flea markets?
Santa Monica Flea Market for Jewelry and Home Accessories, great textiles, Long Beach for Furniture. Wasteland in Santa Monica, Kathy’s in NOHO for beautiful vintage dresses

if you could have any style icon over for cocktails who would it be and what would you wear?
Alexander Mcqueen.  I would wear heels, which I never wear, Marc Jacobs dress, Elizabeth and James accessories…and of course skull ring by Alexander…We would have mohito’s and listen to Sparklehorse…

best city for shopping?
New York

what are your favorite online shops?
I never shop online…I’m a tactile person, I like to touch, feel fabrics….

best how-to style tip?
My best how-to-style tip is don’t make it complicated, wear what works for you. Buy pieces that make you feel amazing! I love to mix vintage with classic styles, have fun with fashion, there are amazing things happening out there in stores!!! Don’t be afraid to thrift and pair with something you already own if you are on a budget…