The Supermom: Lauren Bayne

July 29, 2013

This girl would be a superhero if she wasn’t a mom slash entrepreneur. She’s one of those women who does it all with a lot of gusto, no sweat and a perfect head of hair. So annoying. But not really. She’s funny, smart, loving, proud, talented, confident and supportive of others. Especially other women who happen to be moms from her home state of Texas.


TX M.I.L.K. (Texas Moms I’d Like to Know) is Lauren and her partner’s multimedia baby that celebrates moms, what they do, and how they do it in the Lone Star State…




It’s a place to become inspired, learn about events, provoke conversation and share stories that make you think, “I could do that”.

So, in the spirit of celebrating women and what they do, let’s give a big round of applause for someone who is committed to bringing us ladies together in a big Texan way!

where are you from?
Houston, TX (But Austin is home for me)

what do you do?
I think big and dream even bigger. I don’t wait for life to happen but I sometimes try to control it too much. I’m a serial entrepreneur currently running an online publication and events company called TX M.I.L.K. (Texas Moms I’d Like to Know) with one of my best gal pals. Our site and events shine a spotlight on the many definitions of Motherhood and it’s been a blast meeting so many women I share the mom title with. We are also developing a new venture right now called Offspring that will put our creative advertising skills to use in a really cool way – stay tuned!

what did you want to be when you were a kid?
How much time do we have for this question? A Dallas Cowboy cheerleader. No joke. Then when I took gymnastics for the first time and overheard my teacher saying, “I’ve never quite seen a cartwheel performed like that” coupled with my unbelievable lack of flexibility, I had to re-think my future of high kicking in stadiums. Then I wanted to be the girl at Sea World who rides Shamu and does tricks in the air but I lived too far from San Antonio to make that type of water circus career move. So the most logical thing after that was a Marine Biologist, until Senior year of high school when we had career day. I was in a room of maybe five people that chose “marine biologist” to hear speak. He told me about all the lab work, petri dishes and microscopes which sounded nothing like Dolphin Tale starring H-Connick Jr. So I was back to the drawing board again. I had been a drama nerd since 6th grade and thought I could propel my love for reading scripts into a broadcast journalism career, so I ended up majoring in that at UT-Austin. Until I learned those scripts had to be objective and only reporting the facts with no editorial comment. What?! I can’t make a joke about the lady stuck in her dishwasher? I’m out. So, I happened to be taking an Intro to Advertising class at the time and I had never really thought about who made commercials, print ads and billboards. But I really loved being creative and thinking of interesting ways to sell products. So boom. FINALLY found my professional niche as a copywriter and took off to hang with modern day Don Drapers.

what was it like at the dinner table when you were growing-up?
I spent the majority of dinner hiding food I hated in my napkin and “going to the bathroom” to spit out the meatloaf my mom had prepared that night. My poor mom. She tried her best with the super picky taste buds I had. We always had family dinner together and I loved Thursday nights when The Cosby Show and Family Ties were on.

what life tools did your family give you that you will pass on to your kids?
A strong moral compass. My parents gave me an extremely stable foundation filled with lots of unconditional love and common sense that I know now more than ever are imperative for a healthy upbringing. I am an only child and they talked to me a lot about life. My mom taught me about the sentimental, practical and emotional parts while my dad taught me about the hypotheticals and realities I would someday encounter. They were a good team and I look back and cherish their devotion to me.

what was/is your favorite family tradition?
Picking out our Christmas tree! Every year we swap who gets to pick the tree and it’s always hilarious (and sometimes hostile) when we all try and pull the trigger on which one to get.

what would you do on a dream holiday?
I really want to go to Australia and/or New Zealand. I’m fascinated by their culture and the rampant happiness everyone seems to have there. I love to hike, bike, kayak, and do anything recreational that explores nature, so my dream holiday would encompass some part of that.

what is your other dream job?
Gosh, I have so many…lemme see…I’ve always wanted to own vacation properties or an inn somewhere. I think it would be so fun to meet people vacationing and run a bed and breakfast type place. My husband could do all the cooking and history teaching, while I manned the front desk, gift shop and activity planning. Then my boys could help bus tables, carry luggage, host charades tourneys, that kind of stuff.

favorite online shops?
I wish I had some artsy, cool answers to this, but I’m a FabOverstockCB2AmazonOne Kings LaneHome Depot kinda gal.

most popular kitchen creation?
Pig Candy aka Brown Sugar Bacon. I’m not a huge fan of the kitchen because I burn everything or myself – but bacon, I’ve got down. Pig Candy is a holiday appetizer favorite of ours and it’s gone in seconds. Plus my husband is from Memphis so cooking up pork products gets me points with him.

best mom tip?
Trust your instincts! This is the hardest thing for us moms to do. I think women in general constantly question themselves and are insecure by nature. We don’t trust ourselves enough and doubt our decisions too much. Your instinctual nature is stronger than you think. So if you want to rock that baby to sleep even though the books say cry it out – rock that baby. If you want to feed that baby even though you’re “supposed” to wait another hour – feed that baby. I used to think I was gonna long term screw up my kids by doing “it” wrong, but I have 8 years under my belt now and I can tell you: NOTHING YOU DO THAT INVOLVES LOVE AND NURTURE WILL EVER SCREW UP YOUR KIDS. If your kid still has a paci at age 4 – who cares. If your kid is still in Pull-ups at age 5 – who cares. My 8 year old still hasn’t mastered tying his shoes – but he will – someday – definitely by college. Loving your kids to the depths of your soul and silencing the audience you think you have of other moms judging you is numero uno.

what do you collect?
Bags. Not cool lady hand bags either. Tote Bags. Messenger bags. Backpacks. Duffles. Briefcase type bags, etc. I’m obsessed. You should have seen how many diaper bags I went through back in the day. It’s not right.






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