The Stylist: Vanessa Chow

December 16, 2011

Let’s see, what do I think of when Vanessa comes to mind? An outrageously divine collection of all things pretty, fabulous and delicious; dumplings, pastry masterpieces, shelves of exquisite shoes, Family Chow, creative vision, tude, and yummiest of all… one delicious little baby D who recently entered the world!

Congratulations V! …


who do you style?
models mostly and portraits of all sorts of interesting people for magazines.

where are you from?
hong kong but really nyc.

what’s your favorite piece of jewelry?
my engagement ring and an old chanel necklace that i added sentimental charms to (i wore it for years).

who’s closet would you like to raid?
kate moss’s, amanda harlech’s and daphne guinness’s now that she also owns isabella blow’s collection of clothing.

who are you dying to makeover?
myself right now, once mystery mcginn (my baby) comes out!

what are your favorite vintage shops and flea markets?
neila in paris, new york vintage, rellik and virginias in london ….

if you could have any style icon over for cocktails who would it be and what would you wear?
hmmm… marchesa luisa di casati in the hopes that she would show up half naked with a large wild cat chained to her and paul newman or steve mcqueen – need i explain?

what i would wear?
can’t decide right now… especially with a bowling ball in my belly….

best city for shopping?
depends really on what you are looking for – london and paris for clothes and tokyo for just amazing bits and bobs. houston for amazing estate sales and vintage clothing and accessories….

what are your favorite online shops?
i have to say i prefer going to a shop – although online shopping has been brilliant now that i am pregnant and have to buy ugly clothes with weird elastic attachments.

what do you collect?
oh dear. what don’t i collect? vintage jewelry, cookbooks, magazines, art and photography books, owls, taxidermy, notebooks and every bit of paper and string that comes my way to put in my sketchbooks. I am a pack rat!

best style tip?
hmm…. go with your gut? make sure your feel good in whatever it is you are wearing because there is nothing worse than someone who looks uncomfortable in their clothes.