10 years ago

Got a pimple? Organic Raw Honey. Need an antiseptic for your baby’s boo boo? Organic Raw Honey. Sore throat? Organic Raw Honey. Constipated? Organic Raw Honey. Dry Skin? Organic Raw Honey.  Shall I go on? Okay, one more; my favorite at home facial includes a paste of baking soda and water used as a gentle exfoliant. Follow-up with a mask of Organic Raw Honey.  The result: smooth, supple skin for only a couple of bucks.

Organic Raw Honey. Thank you nature!

and oh yeah…

I’m very proud to live in a country where we have the right to choose. This is my choice. I’m also proud to live in a country where dreams come true. My dream is not only to let this man finish his job, but to come together as a country and agree to make our home a better place… no matter who leads us. VOTE!